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Our massages


Dorn-Breuss method
The Dorn method and the Breuss massage are two special methods of self-healing and self-help with many problems of the back, spine and joints. With Dorn treatment, the displaced vertebrae and joints are pushed back to their ideal place in a gentle yet powerful way. The Breuss massage is a sensitive, highly energetic back massage that is able to release mental, energetic and physical blockages.
50 min. 55 €

Holistic relaxation massage
In the holistic relaxation massage every person can be perceived in their uniqueness and treated individually. Mindfulness and empathy are essential in this form of massage and the person being treated will be able to open up and find deep relaxation!
50 min. 55 €

Neck and back massage
This massage relieves tension in the neck and back, alleviating headaches and muscle aches, leaving behind a relaxed body sensation.
50 min. 55 €
25 min. 35 €

Honey massage
The Russian / Tibetan honey massage loosens and frees the body of toxins and toxins. Honey has an antibacterial effect. With the power of honey, the body is naturally detoxified. The plucking technique loosens the skin and stimulates blood circulation. Old, dead cells dissolve, salts and slags are excreted through the skin. Energy blockages are dissolved and the entire organism is strengthened. The result is a well-perfused, delicate skin! Very effective in cellulite
50 min. 60 € (back and legs)
25 min. 40 € (legs only)

Sports massage
This massage helps to relieve muscle tension after exercise, or is a good preparation for a sporting activity to prevent sore muscles!
50 min. 55 € (back and legs)
25 min. 35 € (legs only)

Aromatherapy massage
The aroma massage is a very special form of massage. The body absorbs the active ingredients of the essential oils through the skin. These support the relaxing, invigorating or detoxifying effect through their very special properties. The massage itself and the oils used are based entirely on the desired result. Depending on your needs, special oils are used. For example calming lavender to relax and for a restful night.
50 min. 55 €
25 min. 35 €

Combination massage
Back massage followed by foot reflexology massage. Helps to release blockages and reduce tension.
50 min. 55 €


Shamanic energy work
Retrieving lost soul shares
Through traumas or fateful experiences, in childhood or even later, soul parts have split off and no longer return by themselves into the energy body. This can also lead to disease symptoms. The aim of the shamanic energy work is to cleanse the body of energy, to strengthen and recover those lost parts and thus life energy. Thus, the unity is restored and created the conditions for a life full of strength and liveliness!
50 min. 55 €

The teaching of chakras is mainly known from traditional Indian medicine. Chakras are energy centers in our body. There are 7 main energy centers. They sit in certain places in our body and they are assigned themes, colors, organs and much more.
  • Wurzelchakra
  • Sacral
  • solar plexus
  • Heart chakra
  • throat chakra
  • brow chakra
  • crown
If we have problems with a topic, an organ, or the like, the energy flow in the corresponding center is also disturbed. Either it has too much or too little energy. In the chakra work, an attempt is made to eliminate these disturbances / blockages of the energy flow and there is again an increased compensation of all chakras. In order to support or revive the flow of energies, Edelgard Gruber works with pendulums, gemstones and colors.
50 min. 55 €

In a Reiki treatment, the hands are gently and quietly applied to the various body zones of the recipient. Through this Reiki flow, the subtle energy fields of the body can recharge. Reiki balances the physical, mental, emotional and emotional levels, promotes self-healing and has a calming effect.
The most common experiences with Reiki treatments are: Stress reduction, relaxation, calming, strengthening of the immune system, harmonizing in the feeling area, balancing. Inner strength builds up, love becomes tangible, greater sensitivity, reduction of fears, centering,
Intuition develops and intensifies; Development of one's own potential, positive attitude towards life, recognizing the task of life, clear decision-making power, self-confidence
50 min. 55 €


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